ULedger is a technology platform that provides document-level content verification, immutable audit trail and identity authentication, allowing for certainty and assurance in data creation and activity.

Our dynamic reporting tools allow for easy proof and investigation. Hacks and data breaches can be verified and rolled back securely. No more risk of logs being modified.

ULedger leverages a combination of technologies, including: Blockchain data structures, cryptography, PKI, KSI, advanced distributed time keeping processes, and more.

Product Overview and Capabilities

ULedger products can be used in a standalone manner, or in combination with other security layers. Key ULedger capabilities include:

Incorporate Blockchain-style Hash/Timestamp onto document content

Store audit trail within document, creating permanent and discrete record of   the content, changes and history

Archive resulting document locally, or to ULedger servers

Optionally store document locally and audit trail externally, for redundancy

Identify/report on any attempted changes to signed data

Why Uledger is Unique

The ULedger Blockchain approach is different from other current public Blockchain implementations as no identifiable data is shared with any 3rd-parties. However, 3rd-party backup nodes for your content can help to provide redundancy and data integrity while the data itself is not shared with anyone. ULedger synchronizes only the timestamps between you and network 3rd parties, effectively auditing each other’s audit trails without sharing any content.

Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other public Blockchain implementations, we use an advanced cryptographically secured distributed Time Protocol for independent secure timestamping of any data signed and stored on any mobile device or server. We further make these timestamps together with the data independently verifiable by performing what we call Cross-Merkelization.

This approach significantly minimizes the amount of trust our customers must place in ULedger by spreading the authentication across many nodes while still offering a Blockchain data structure solution that scales.

Traditional data platforms and vendors deal with data. We deal with information and facts. Every organization has pre-processed actionable data, which we call information. However, until ULedger, there was no way to have your actionable information be independently verifiable. By adding this level of security, your information is turned into facts.

ULedger's patent pending Blockchain approach was built with enterprise and government scalability in mind.

ULedger is a layer of assurance and security that works seamlessly with your existing document/Key-Value store, transactional database, or any other technology which is content addressable. There is absolutely no disruption to your current processes.

Our server-side approach allows for integration with your existing systems via APIs or direct database integration, depending on the systems you use.

Why Choose Uledger

Our technology allows for a highly scalable solution that can handle signing and tracking virtually any discrete data element. ULedger simply adds an independently verifiable, P2P time stamped, append-only audit log to your system. As such, we can act as an extra layer of verification and integrity on top of an existing security environment.

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