ULedger Email creates and maintains a complete, immutable history of your organization’s email communications.


Email has become the standard method of communication for virtually every organization, from SMB to enterprise to governments, regardless of its hackable nature and lack of security.

When it becomes necessary to research internal communications, respond to discovery motions, or create a tracable path of interactions, the ability to produce and defend complete email communications is critical. However, email is generally insecure, easily changed, and so dependent on handling procedures of individuals, it is often extremely unreliable.

ULedger Email allows the creation of and maintenance for a complete, immutable history of an organization’s email communications. Furthermore, the ULedger blockchain-based audit trail ensures a comprehensive and accurate record of all email traffic over time.


Why Blockchain Email Logging?

By design, ULedger Email takes advantage of blockchains’ inherent resistance to the modification of data. Blockchain ledgers, which are decentralized, are virtually immutable – meaning, once an email communication is logged, the record of that email cannot be edited or deleted. Also standard with ULedger Email, a timestamp mechanism for email all communications, proof of the exact time, to the second, is easily reportable.

What Makes ULedger Email Different?

While blockchain’s ability to create an immutable audit trail makes it great for logging email records, public blockchain offerings are cost-prohibitive, don’t scale well, and require additional mass storage due to the sheer volumes of data being certified and stored.

ULedger Email is specifically designed for enterprise-level data volumes, at speeds that can manage thousands of transactions per second, while keeping cost low. And, ULedger Email is implemented without the need to change your existing IT infrastructure, via open standards API.

ULedger Email does not require an organization’s data to be shared with the rest of the network as public blockchains do, allowing proprietary email content to stay secure. Unlike any other blockchain solution, ULedger Email uses cross-merkelization, a process critical to proving the relative order of email communications.

Uledger Email:

  • Secure
  • Scalable
  • No Data Shared
  • Flexible
  • Cost Effective
  • Cross-Merkelization