Create a Permanent and Tamper-Proof Record of Any Data


Today’s data infrastructures revolve around management of ever-increasing volumes of data . Changes to that data, whether intentional, accidental, or malicious, occur frequently. Without “integrity” data's content and history over time is not reliable. Unreliable data causes added expense, compliance issues, complicated audits, legal and other problems.

To address this, organizations need to add a layer of immutable verification and proof on top of their existing data infrastructure. ULedger’s Blockchain-based Data Integrity Platform is ideally suited for this purpose. ULedger’s Data Integrity platform can make data secure and trustworthy regardless of file type, location, or size.

Why ULedger Data Integrity Platform?

While blockchain’s ability to create an immutable audit trail makes it great for logging data, most public blockchain offerings are cost-prohibitive due to the sheer volume of data being certified and stored.

ULedger is designed for enterprise data volume, without reduction in transaction per second or increase in costs, and can handle any file type and size. And, ULedger is implemented without the need to change your existing IT infrastructure, via open standards API.

Additionally, ULedger’s solution does not require an organization’s data to be shared with the rest of the network as it is with public blockchains, allowing proprietary data to stay secure.

Unlike all other blockchain solutions, ULedger uses cross-merkelization, a process critical to proving the relative order of data events.

Companies Use ULedger Because:

ULedger Data Integrity provides a permanent and tamper-proof record of any type of data, including medical files, images, transactions, and email. ULedger seamlessly integrates with existing data platforms, creating an impenetrable audit trail, and never requires access to your underlying data.

  • Simple API integration
  • Immutable audit trail
  • 10,000 transactions per second
  • Any data/file type
  • Data not shared
  • Cross-merkelization technology
  • Compliance & Regulation