Uledger Logging


Stop Data Breaches with ULedgers Intrusion Detection


Virtually all IT environments make extensive use of logs to track user and application activity. However, logs are text-based and easily manipulated. A common tactic of hackers is to modify or delete log files in order to eliminate traces of their unauthorized intrusion. And, once an intruder gains access to a system, any logs stored on that system, or in an environment to which that system has access, should be considered compromised and suspect.

ULedger Logging for Cybersecurity and Intrusion Detection creates an external and immutable logging system, so that information logged is permanent, unchangeable and verifiable. Any attempt to change, modify, or delete logging files is immediately flagged and recorded with time, date, and location of the attempt.


By leveraging the power of an immutable audit trail, log information cannot be deleted or manipulated in anyway. Hackers cannot cover their tracks. Using an immutable audit trail, like ULedger Logging, in addition to a syslog (which is easily deleted or manipulated by hackers) a comparison between the two logs can immediately identify intrusions.

Why ULedger Intrusion Detection?

While blockchain’s ability to create an immutable audit trail makes it great for logging, most public blockchain offerings are cost-prohibitive due to the sheer volumes of data being certified and stored.

ULedger is designed for enterprise data volumes, without significant reduction in transaction per second or increase in costs, and can handle any file type and size. And, ULedger is implemented without the need to change your existing IT infrastructure, via open standards API.

What’s more, unlike all other blockchain solutions, ULedger uses cross-merkelization, a process critical to prove the relative order of data events.

Companies Use ULedger Because:

  • ULedger reduces transaction, compliance, and other cyber costs
  • ULedger integrates seamlessly with existing technology infrastructure
  • ULedger keeps your data private
  • ULedger is infinitely scalable
  • ULedger can handle immense data volumes (thousands of transactions per second)
  • ULedger records the order of events (transactions) rather than just the time of events.