ULEDGER Compliance & Regulation

ULedger's Data Integrity Platform Helps Meet Compliance & Regulatory Requirements


Uledger Blockchain solutions deliver critical tools in serving to meet aspects of State and Federal regulatory compliance requirements, and in the absence of specific government regulations, industry-specific best practices. Some examples are listed below:

GDPR – Maintain control and transparency with a complete history of all transactions relating to personal data. Prove through an immutable history log that data erasure requests have been satisfied.

Pharmaceutical – DSCSA, FDA Data Integrity Ensure the integrity of data relating to drugs throughout the entire supply chain. Improve recall tracking and clinical trials

Medical (EHRs, EMRs, EPHI) – HIPAA, HITECH, HHS Data Integrity Mitigate health care fraud and abuse and strengthen the security of healthcare information

SEC & FINRA – Books, records & retention Requirements Support books and records requirements including email communications with an immutable 3rd party audit trail

Public Companies – SOX (Sarbanes Oxley Reporting) Improve data and reduce compliance costs associated with reporting and disclosure requirements

NYS Department of Financial Services – Cyber Audit Trails Identify internal and external cyber risks. Protect non-public information and access points throughout an organization

Why ULedger Data Integrity Platform?

Uledger's unique application of blockchain technology makes it scalable, flexible, and reliable for even the largest enterprise use case.

Companies Use ULedger Because:

ULedger Data Integrity provides a permanent and tamper-proof record of any type of data, including medical files, images, transactions, and email. ULedger seamlessly integrates with existing data platforms, creating an impenetrable audit trail, and never requires access to your underlying data.

  • Simple API integration
  • Immutable audit trail
  • 10,000 transactions per second
  • Any data/file type
  • Data not shared
  • Cross-merkelization technology
  • Compliance & Regulation