How It Works

What is an Enterprise Blockchain Platform?


ULedger has built a blockchain platform that specifically targets the needs of corporate and government environments. ULedger blockchain technology provides organizations of all sizes with a secure, private, tamper-proof, mathematically verifiable record of the content of their data at any point in time.

ULedger is the first true blockchain protocol.

Built with the enterprise in mind for scalability, flexibility, security, and at a price that makes adding blockchain technology an easy decision.

ULedger has achieved immutability without the need for consensus, which makes our solution truly stateless and highly scalable. We are a hybrid, combining the data security of a private blockchain platform with the immutability of a public blockchain platform.

ULedger’s products are a stateless blockchain protocol with an open API that allows our organizations to easily incorporate blockchain into their existing data environment.


ULedger's Blockchain Platform offers the following advantages:

  • Privacy - ULedger does not require access to underlying data
  • Security - Data is not shared among network nodes
  • Compatibility - Interoperable with all Ethereum-based blockchain platforms
  • Scalability - Designed for enterprise data volumes
  • Reporting - Dynamic reporting of Blockchain proof
  • Forensics - Data tied to the source, creator and editor
  • Trust - Trust in ULedger not required as proof is mathematical
  • Regulatory - Extends to regulatory uses cases
  • Flexibility - Extends to any data format and file size
  • Stateless Approach - Nodes do not require complete data history of other nodes
  • Easy integration - Via open standards API

Pete Anewalt, Co-Founder & COO, ULedger, Talks About Blockchain and the ULedger Difference