Payments processors are attractive targets for fraudsters due to the high volume of transactions and the aggregate monetary value handled by them.  Fraud is perpetrated in new ways each year, and many of them can be detected and stopped by utilizing a blockchain-based immutable audit trail.

ULedger blockchain technology has been integrated by leading-edge companies, on top of their existing infrastructure, creating a permanent and tamper-proof record of any type of data that is vulnerable to fraud.

ULedger’s technical approach to blockchain technology is entirely unique in many ways, including data storage, time-keeping methods, and proof of work. What’s more, ULedger has partnered with a Big-4 accounting firm and an artificial intelligence(AI) firm to bring you technology that leverages machine learning with a highly-scalable hybrid blockchain solution to detect and respond to fraudulent events in a real-time manner.

By combining powerful tools like AI and blockchain, ULedger can shine a light on data that may have been poisoned or modified and exactly when a breach may have occurred.

Why ULedger?

  • ULedger reduces transaction, compliance and cyber costs
  • ULedger integrates seamlessly with existing technology infrastructure.
  • ULedger keeps your data private.
  • ULedger is infinitely scalable.
  • ULedger can handle immense data volumes (transactions per second).
  • ULedger records the order of events (transactions) rather than just the time of events.

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