What We Do

  • ULedger is an early mover software company in the Blockchain ecosystem focused on bringing truth and transparency to data. Our focus is providing solutions for our customers that require increasing levels of data protection, integrity and provability for current and future cyber threats and regulations.   


  • ULedger has developed a cutting-edge Blockchain solutions that enable our clients to create a permanent, independent 3rd-party record of any type of data, whether it's an electronic medical record, image, contract, journal entry, email or any other type of data.  Our audit trail solution logs the creation and activity of data and ties the data to a legal identity (person or thing).  The audit trail report allows for easy access to the original data for investigation.  


  • Our Blockchain approach creates indisputable proof of the evolution of data to information and finally to fact.  In true Blockchain fashion, each transaction that ULedger logs is time-stamped and hashed by multiple, independent parties to corroborate the event and the "truth" of that event, without Uledger or any other party having access to the underlying data.


  • We use proprietary technology to connect blockchain hashes and timestamps to document-level metadata to allow for easy search, audibility, and reporting.

  • ULedger also provides a Blockchain based, end-to-end encrypted distributed data storage that only you have rights and access to.


  • ULedger offers our Blockchain Data Assurance audit solutions for both companies that choose to maintain on-premise control of their data and for those who take advantage of our distributed storage solution.  In both scenarios, the audit trail is independent, corroborated by multiple nodes, and provides a record of a "fact" at any point in time, ensuring that history cannot be re-written.

ULedger Blockchain Advantages:

  • ULedger does not need access to the underlying data
  • Compatibility with all blockchain platforms and apps
  • Scalability and bandwidth advantages
  • Dynamic reporting of Blockchain proof
  • We tie your data to the source of the creator or editor
  • Easy integration       
  • Privacy & security advantages – data not universally shared
  • Participants do not need to trust ULedger since the proof is mathematical 
  • Extends to regulatory uses cases
  • Extendable to any data format and file size
  • Stateless blockchain approach
  • Encrypted at rest
  • Agreement from other parties is not needed

Meet the Team


ULedger Kosovo

Ali Kelmendi 26/1
Prishtina 10000 Kosovo