Blockchain for the Enterprise

ULedger's Enterprise Blockchain Platform brings the advantages of blockchain security with added scalability and flexibility for immutable data tracking.


Data Integrity

Security * Scalability * Flexibility

Data is one of your company’s most valuable assets. Changes to that data, whether intentional, accidental, or malicious, occur frequently. However, without historical and immutable tracking, your data's integrity it is not reliable.

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Identify Data Breaches Instantly

Your Digital Watchdog

Blockchain’s ability to create an immutable audit trail makes it a compelling solution for logging. However, public blockchain instances, such as Ethereum, are simply not scalable or flexible enough to handle the volumes of data involved, not to mention the cost.

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Regulation and Compliance

Indisputable Records

Uledger Blockchain solutions deliver critical tools in serving to meet the requirements of State and Federal regulatory compliance. And, in the absence of specific government regulations, ULedger helps companies comply with industry-specific best practices.

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ULedger for Email

ULedger Email allows you to create and maintain a complete, immutable history of your organization’s email communications.

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ULedger for Logging

ULedger Logging provides a complete and tamper-proof history, reliable and economical via our Enterprise Blockchain Protocol.

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Data Integrity by ULedger

ULedger Data Integrity provides a permanent, tamper-proof record, regardless of data type. Access to your underlying data, not required.

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What Makes ULedger Different?

Real Blockchain for Real Enterprises

ULedger is the first true blockchain protocol.
Achieving immutability without the need for consensus makes ULedger's solution truly stateless and highly scalable. Our hybrid technology combines the data security of a private blockchain with the immutability of a public blockchain platform.